What makes the




The Kan body protector is exclusively designed to meet the needs of female riders combining the perfect fit with the highest levels of protection.

The fit of the KAN vest is unique as it actually enhances athletic performance thus encouraging the rider to wear and benefit from its ultimate protection for all equine activities

KAN New Zealand – Protection in every detail

Designed specifically for women, the KAN is the first body protector to incorporate the smart foam technology used in motorcycle protection gear, into equestrian body protection. The unique polyurethane foam compresses on impact, absorbing energy, and minimising the risk of serious injury.
The design and cut of the foam panels, to maximize torso coverage, combined with the choice of exterior covering offers the athlete a superior performing safety garment. It is the only body protector available that utilizes material technology in conjunction with protective and performance design.

In a sport where injuries are life threatening and career/lifestyle ending the effectiveness of the KAN contributes to equine sports as a whole by making it easy and comfortable for every rider to embrace a method of injury prevention.


KAN Stories – Colleen Rutledge

Colleen Rutledge tackles Badminton for the first time wearing her KAN vest

Colleen Rutledge tackles Badminton for the first time wearing her KAN vest

Top event rider Colleen shares the story of how her KAN saved her life when the horse she was riding fell and rolled right over the top of her.